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Marilyn Inspired Makeup: MAC announce new collection…


Strong, winged eyeliner, defined brows and red lips is a classic look which never goes out of style. Marilyn Monroe fascinated her own generation and continues to fascinate, she was after all a beautiful, husky-voiced enigma. Fifty years after her death Marilyn continues to be the inspiration for books, fashion and movies.

Marilyn never really goes out of fashion and her makeup look is as classic as any of her movies. Marilyn worked with her trusted makeup artist Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder for the majority of her career, they meet when he did her makeup for one of her very first screen tests. Marilyn and Whitey worked together to perfect what would become her signature look. Their friendship lasted until her death with Whitey doing her funeral makeup.

Recently MAC cosmetics announced their plans to launch a Marilyn inspired limited edition collection. The collection aims to help achieve the look of Marilyn and MAC is teaming up with Authentic Brands Group LLC who have acquired Marilyn Monroe’s estate to create the collection.

The collection will comprise of 30 items – I’m anticipating dark, smokey eyeshadows and red, red creamy lipsticks. The collection will be in stores worldwide in October.

Until then, here are some of the products Marilyn favoured and some of her makeup secrets:

* Marilyn liked to use either Vaseline or Nivea moisturiser in a thick layer to create a dewy base.

* Marilyn was once quoted as wearing Chanel No5 and only Chanel No5 to bed.

* For Marilyn’s pout Whitey would use a pencil to outline the lips, a dark shade on the outer corners, lighter shades in the middle, he would also dab a white eyeshadow on the centre of her lower lip to create the illusion of a fuller lip. Max Factor and GUERLAIN were two of her favourite brands.

* For the eyes white shadow was used to open up the eye, the rims would be lined with white eyeliner. Rather than a black pencil, a dark brown shadow was used to draw a line close to the upper lashes and wing it out. A line was also drawn on the lower lashes winging that out and then the space between the two wings were filled with white liner, this was to create the illusion of shadows from her lashes. A dot of red liner was applied to the inner corner to make the whites of the eye appear whiter.


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